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Summer Journal: Seven Bridges

The girls and I spent the morning at a wonderful park/beach called Seven Bridges. It's a magical place where you are climbing lannon stone stairs (built by the CCC in the 1930s) in a forest which opens up to a beautiful Lake Michigan beach nestled in the bluffs. I love the harmony brought by the crashing waves and endless horizon.



On the Lake

My mother lives on a recreational lake in northeastern Wisconsin. This year, there is very little (almost no, really) snow up there. The lake has frozen with just a dusting of snow. The kids have never seen it like this, being able to walk on it without dredging through deep snow. Someone cleared an area and a path for skating, too. Except we don't have skates, so the kids just slide around. 



I Made A Wreath!

I had not an extra penny to buy a nice evergreen wreath this year. Nor the extra time to make one of those pretty yarn-wrapped ones (and anyway, I have a wire frame rather than a Styrofoam one. And see the thing about no extra pennies). So I took all those vintage-y thing-ies that I use to decorate my evergreen wreaths and my mini Christmas tree and I wired them directly to the wire frame. And, voila, a pretty wreath! Well, I like it anyway. It's very vibrant from the street against our white home. And maybe it took almost as much time as a yarn-wrapped one would have, except there's no fussiness here. And no glue gun. It's a carefully planned look that allows for imperfection. If that makes sense.


Baby Shower Decorations

A quick look at the decorations I made for my sister's baby shower. (We had a cloudy day, so the lighting wasn't great for the pictures.) I made the rosettes following this tutorial by Trasient Expression (found via Elsie Marley), the flag bunting was inspired by 10 Ways to Make a Garland by A Beautiful Mess, and the puff balls were made by following this tutorial by Martha Stewart (she calls them tissue paper pom poms).


Beach Inspiration

Finding inspiration from a day at the beach. Quite possibly the best thing about being at the beach is that there's nothing to do but what is in front of you. Sand or water. Maybe a snack. That's it. And it is so engrossing that all other thoughts are pushed away for that duration of time.